Become an expert mental health professional integrating play therapy and expressive arts into clinical practice

Are you a mental health professional who wants to integrate play therapy and creativity into your clinical work with your clients? Renewing Hearts Counseling & Consulting specializes in helping mental health professionals develop their skills to work with children, youth, and families integrating the therapeutic powers of play and expressive arts. Learn to effectively and confidently integrate play therapy and expressive arts to help your clients of all ages overcome their emotional difficulties and engage in the healing process.

Attachment-Focused Family Play Therapy: An Intervention for Children and Adolescents After Trauma

Check out my book for mental health professionals using play therapy with children and adolescents who've experienced trauma. This attachment-focused, neurobiology informed framework integrates family members into the treatment to help children heal within the context of their most important relationships.

Here’s a free PDF for mental health professionals using my neuroscience-informed Be 5 Framework to confidently integrate play therapy and expressive arts using intention and clinical decision-making. 

Are you are mental health professional new to play therapy?  Check out this free pdf for Must Have Play Therapy Toys to make sure you get started well!

Professional Training for Mental Health Professionals

Professional training is an important part of being an effective mental health professional.  The vast majority of university programs do not train professionals to work effectively with children and adolescents.  Cathi Spooner, LCSW, RPT-S, and Renewing Hearts Counseling & Consulting offers specialized training for mental health professionals seeking to learn how to effectively utilize the power of expressive arts and play therapy with their clients.


Clinical Supervision & Consulting Services

In addition to professional training, it is important to learn how to implement the information learned in the trainings into “real time” clinical practice.  Cathi Spooner, LCSW, RPT-S has worked in the mental health field with children, adolescents and families since 1988.  Working in outpatient and residential treatment programs has provided her with the experience and knowledge necessary to help mental health professionals effectively and ethically implement quality services for their clients.  She has provided clinical supervision and consulting to mental health professionals and agencies seeking to implement play therapy and expressive arts modalities into their therapeutic milieu.